World Press Day

Sun, May 03 2020 9:41 PM

Freedom of the press is one of the most important achievements in democratic systems, which is in fact the result of the struggle, sacrifice, and efforts of thousands of people throughout history, who were able to achieve this freedom after many sacrifices and make it one of the most important human achievements.

Our country, Afghanistan, has also been able to have achievements in this field and make progress, which fortunately is also the result of the efforts of those who have long stood up to obstacles and finally institutionalized freedom of speech and the press to some extent.

Undoubtedly, no freedom can be achieved without sacrifice, in Afghanistan, too, freedom of the press and freedom of expression have taken many sacrifices. Unfortunately, Afghanistan is one of the countries where journalists and media activists have suffered so much, and at the expense of their sacrifices, we are here at the forefront of freedom of speech and the press in the region.

Freedom of expression, freedom of the press, and access to information are closely interdependent, and all of them can be mentioned as important achievements of the Afghan government in the last two decades.

Understanding the importance of freedom of the press, the Access to Information Commission strives to provide easy access to information to the media and ultimately to all people by strengthening, promoting and generalizing a culture of access to information, as access to verifiable information is considered very constructive and important for press freedom, therefore, the commission is trying to turn access to information in the country into a platform.

Access to information in the current situation where the country suffers from corruption and lack of rule of law is an extremely important tool to curb and eliminate corruption, increase transparency and accountability, and on the other hand can be an excellent support for the growth and freedom of the free press.

While the Access to Information Commission congratulates all Afghan journalists on World Press Day, we hope that this achievement, which is the product of many years of human efforts and sacrifices, will remain strong and further strengthened.